Direct Marketing Opportunity for Real Estate Professionals

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), single women bought their first homes at twice the rate of men in 2009, which presents a fantastic direct marketing opportunity for real estate professionals. Not only can you rent a mailing list specifically targeting this group, but also design your mailing piece with them in mind.

“Several developments during 2009, including record affordability and the availability of the first-time home buyer tax credit, drew first-time buyers to the market,” according to the NAR.

The results of the survey were published in the 2009 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. Continue reading “Direct Marketing Opportunity for Real Estate Professionals”

3 Reasons Postcards Are The Best Way To Advertise

When I say postcard, maybe you think of the old-fashioned, jagged-edged dull pieces of cardstock.  Think again!  Today’s postcards are vibrant, high-impact creations with images so real they’ll jump off the page at you.  And the best thing about them…

1. They’re Short and Personal
Let’s face it, people just don’t have time to sort through a lot of advertisements and junk mail.  If the truth be known, they immediately identify ads and pitch them into the trash without ever slitting the envelope.

Postcards get read!  It’s already open, and the message is “in your face” without exerting any effort to absorb it.  Even if the reader isn’t trying to read it, he’ll get the impact of the short message before he tosses it. Continue reading “3 Reasons Postcards Are The Best Way To Advertise”

Guaranteed Open Rates – Now Available

We are now offering guaranteed email open rates!

Instead of ordering a certain number of emails, now you can order by how many opens you want. We call it the Guaranteed Opens Program. It’s an Email Deployment to Consumers which is similar to pay per click where you pay for the number of clicks you want to receive. In this case, you now pay for the number of opens you want top receive. Our vendor has 100% opt-in email contacts and they are fully Can-Spam compliant.

business email listsWith the Guaranteed Opens Program, we keep deploying to the entire in-house list until the agreed upon number of opens is achieved. So instead of buying and email campaign to 10,000 consumers, you would purchase 10,000 opens. You are only paying for people that open the email with the subject line attracting the right consumers.

We have found that 10,000 usually works best because it’s a true test. You provide the subject line and content for the Guaranteed Opens so if the subject line is relevant to what you are selling, then only people interested in that subject line will be opening these emails. We really like this program because we just need to focus on click through from the ad and conversions.

The in-house email file is approximately 70% female. We guarantee 95% Deliverability to the email files. This is due to scrubbing all lists 24 hours prior to delivering for spam traps, hard bounces, complainers, etc. Please contact one of our friendly list brokers if you have any questions about this or require more information.

Of course pricing is a bit higher but with Guaranteed Opens you know what you are getting. So instead of paying for an email deployment “hoping” to get opens, click throughs and conversions, you can start with a minimum of 10,000 Guaranteed Opens.

How Much Does it Cost for Guaranteed Opens?

Contact one of our list brokers to discuss your project.

Pricing includes: testing the email, deploying the email and a tracking report. You would not receive the actual email records. The deployments would be performed for you by our service bureau.

Opt-in Email Requirements

You would need to supply us with your html creative. We can help you with your Subject Line. We can usually get your test out within 48 hours after receiving your creative. If you approve it, then they can start deploying the email campaign within 48 hours. We will send you the tracking report once the agreed upon opens have been achieved. The tracking report shows the number of people who opened and clicked and which links they clicked on.

This is what we would need to move forward:

1. Your html email creative.
2. Your from line.
3. Your subject line.
4. 5 or 6 email addresses to send the test to.
5. Payment.
6. Desired Deployment Date

Contact one of our list brokers today to learn more!

There is no obligation and no cost to speak with a list broker.

Call today for fast service.

Mail to Internet Combo

The New Direct Mail to Internet Combo

One of the biggest strides in direct mail over the last decade and a half is the advent of the “direct mail to internet” combination.Postal to Internet Combo

In the past, marketers would use what’s called a “one two” mailer to tease interest. For example, you might offer a free guide or report to be sent to someone. You mail that offer to a large list, then cultivate a smaller list of people who responded. That second list of responders gets marketed to much more heavily.

The downside to this previous “one two” method is that it’s very costly. Not only do you have to do an expensive direct mail campaign for a free product that you’re not making a profit on, but you also have to send the free product and then more mailers until you have a sense of whether or not the campaign was a success.

The internet has changed all that. Now, you can do almost exactly the same thing, much more efficiently and for a far lower cost.

How the Direct Mail to Internet Combo Works

The direct mail to internet combo works like this. A direct mail piece is sent out as a teaser. The direct mail piece has a strong offer (with a benefit statement or promise), along with tons of proof and testimonials.

Instead of asking someone to mail back or call for a free report, they’re sent to your website instead. Each direct mail piece has a unique code, such as “8YF64TK6” that the user needs to type in when they get to the site to get their freebie. They must also give you their email address to gain access to your free offer.

Once the code is typed in, you’ll know exactly who typed it in and what their address is, based on your mailer’s database because you will “keycode” each name with a unique code. In other words, you can look them up by their code.

You now have a “hot” lead. You have someone who’s expressed interest in what you’re offering, someone who’s much more likely to buy.

The Magic of this Direct Mail to Internet Combo

What really makes this combo tick is how much cheaper you can do it than the traditional way.

It doesn’t take that much to get someone to go to a web address. On the other hand, it takes a huge amount of effort to get someone to mail back a card. Almost everyone is on their computer at some point every day!

That means that instead of having to do a two-page or a seven-page mailer, you can often get profitable results with just a postcard. A great postcard can drive a lot of people to your website, cutting down the price per mailing dramatically.

This technique opens up a whole host of other media that you can try out. You can try half page or even quarter page ads in magazines profitably, for example.

This internet-based “one two” mailer is much more cost effective than the traditional method. It also tends to convert better, as people today often feel more comfortable entering personal information online than on a direct mail form. As you follow up by email with more and more valuable information, you will increase the likelihood of that lead becoming a customer for life.

8 Tips to Improve This “Old Fashioned” Direct Marketing Idea

By Suzanne Doyle-Ingram

Do you Consider Postal Marketing Old Fashioned?

While I certainly don’t think that direct mail is an “old fashioned” direct marketing idea, I know there are a lot of people who do. What with all the Twitter-ing and facebook-ing and Squidoo lenses and everything in between, it can be hard for business owners to decide what to do with their marketing. Direct mail tends to be pushed by the wayside in favor of the more trendy new marketing gimmicks.

But the bottom line is that direct mail marketing, while it may seem old fashioned, it works. Just ask Dan Kennedy.

If you send a well written postcard with a strong offer to 5,000 prospects and you get a 2% response… that’s 100 sales. What is the value of what you are selling? $50? $500? You can do the math on your ROI but the fact remains that direct mail works.

Here are 8 Tips that will improve your direct mail campaign:

1. Only mail to your pie-in-the-sky

Let’s say you are an interior designer. You would target your direct mail piece to your ideal prospects, such as:  women, aged 40-60, married, with a household income of $100k and higher… Then rent a mailing list of exactly those people. If you do an untargeted mailout, and 50% of your recipients are male, you’ve just completely wasted an opportunity to make sales. Not to mention the wasted postage, printing costs, and your time. (I am using the women-only example simply to illustrate my point. I’m sure there are actually plenty of men who hire interior designers.) Continue reading “8 Tips to Improve This “Old Fashioned” Direct Marketing Idea”

Direct mail vs Email Marketing – Latest News

Direct mail versus email marketing

There has been a long debate about which is better: direct mail or email marketing. At our firm, we offer both options for our clients. Direct mail is tried and true and statistically, it has a higher response rate. However, according to a new article in Chief Marketer, email marketing has the highest ROI (return on investment).

Larry Riggs, writing for Chief Marketer writes:

Direct mail may generate the highest response rates of all direct marketing vehicles, but email posts the highest ROI (return on investment), according to the Direct Marketing Association’s annual response rate report.

According to the study, response rates for letter-sized direct mail sent to house files was 3.4%, more than 30 times the 0.12% response rate for email. But email’s ROI was 28.5% compared to 7% for direct mail.  See report here.

Direct mail response rates

direct mailing listsIn other words, even though people are more likely to respond to a direct mail piece, by the time you deduct the cost of writing, printing, and mailing the campaign, it ends up costing more than the email campaign. Email may have lower responses but ends up making more money. This is especially true if you are emailing your own customer base in a cross-selling attempt.

Remember: Direct mail is tried and true and statistically it has a higher response rate.

Branding in direct marketing

Brand Hierarchy in direct marketing

What exactly is brand hierarchy in direct marketing? It’s about communicating with your customers from differnt contact points within your compnay. This is a very interesting concept, because most small businesses generally communicate from the “Brand” itself, i.e. with mailing a postcard from “Company Name”… or one of your sales people sends emails from their own name, such as marketing

Using brand hierarchy in direct marketing

Using brand hierarchy in direct marketing can be very effective because it can shake things up – if your prospect didn’t open your last email, maybe they’ll open one from the President of the company.

John Keating just wrote a good article about Brand Hierarchy in direct marketing in The Marketing Donut. You can read the article in its entirety here:

Keating writes:

“Brand hierarchies recognise that the interaction between a customer and a brand occurs on more than one level and that communications also occur via more than one marketing channel, which again has differing levels of importance or relevance to customers.

Brand hierarchies show that these levels are not equal and do in fact have a hierarchical structure.  Consequently a message from a higher level of an organisation is likely to be seen as more important or interesting.”

Thinking about your company’s Direct Marketing

I would encourage you to think about what areas of your company your direct marketing is coming from now, and try to incorporate brand hierarchy in your direct marketing. As always, do some testing with your direct marekting and see what happens.

Contact one of our experienced list brokers today to talk more about a Direct Marketing Quote

What is a List Broker?

What is a List Broker and What do they do?

People often ask me, “What is a list broker and what exactly does a list broker do?” and it is a very valid question. When I’m at a dinner party and someone asks me “What do you do?”, most of the time, most people have never even heard of a list broker.

A list broker works in the direct marketing industry and acts as a middleman between a client who needs a marketing list and the list owner who is renting their list. There are over 50,000 list owners and list compilers in North America and the average person would not know where to even start when it comes to choosing a list vendor. That’s where a list broker comes in. Continue reading “What is a List Broker?”

How Mobile Marketing Changed our Business

Mobile marketing completely changed our business in a way that we weren’t even expecting.

We are so passionate about helping our customers succeed that for many years we’ve been promoting direct mailing list rental as a way of reaching new customers. From time-to-time, we arranged Mobile marketing campaigns too but it was not the majority of our business. Continue reading “How Mobile Marketing Changed our Business”

Why use email marketing lists?

Why should I use Email Marketing?

If you’re the owner of an online or traditional business, you should definitely think about using opt-in email marketing lists. I really can’t think of a more efficient and cost effective way to reach potential customers. While it may seem complicated to some, implementing an opt-in email campaign using email marketing lists is easier than it looks. In this post, I will show you some of the advantages using email marketing lists can give you. Continue reading “Why use email marketing lists?”