What is a Direct Marketing list?

What is a Direct Marketing list? And what does it include?

A Direct marketing list comprises:

1. People at home (consumers) 

A list of Consumers can be narrowed down by demographics such as gender, age, homeowner/renter, hobbies, interests, buying habits, presence of children and many more selects.

2. People at companies (businesses). 

A list of businesses can be narrowed down by industry type, number of employees, annual sales revenue, title (such as President, Owner, etc.), buying authority and many more.

Both lists can include telephones (telemarketing) and/or email addresses if required (only in the US).

We believe in using a targeted direct marketing list as part of your overall marketing strategy. If your list is not targeted, it’s like trying to aim for something with your eyes closed. You might hit your mark, and you might not. Chances are, you won’t.

A direct marketing list can have phone numbers (See Telemarketing Lists) so you can follow up with a phone call, or you can start with a phone call and only mail to those who have indicated they want more information.

Depending on several factors, getting email addresses on your list is also possible. Contact one of our list brokers today to find out what’s best for you.

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