Telemarketing lists are Mailing lists with telephone numbers

Telemarketing Lists are postal lists with telephone numbers included. A Telemarketing list can reach businesses by phone or consumers at their homes.

A recent study showed that 32% of Americans make purchases over the phone from an outbound telemarketer, spending an average of $135.

Telemarketing has been used successfully for many years by companies to market products and services for their business. Survey results show that telemarketing generated over $660 billion in sales in 2021 – about 6 percent of GDP and more than the entire United States restaurant industry.

Some consumer lists on the market today have telephone numbers available, and some do not. Why is that? It’s because some particular list owners do not want their list to be called. Typically, the number of records available is much lower for Consumer telemarketing lists when phone numbers are required due to the Do Not Call laws in the USA and Canada. In other words, the mailing list with the specific demographics that you’re looking for might have 5,000 names available, but adding phone numbers to make it a telemarketing list can reduce the number of names available to less than 1,000 or so.

If companies want to do telemarketing in the USA and Canada, they must register with the Do Not Call authorities to make phone calls to home phone numbers.

Please visit the FTC’s Do Not Call website for more information or to register.

Visit the Canadian Do Not Call Registry for more information or to register.

A Telemarketing list can be a great asset to a multi-channel marketing campaign.

Often you can send a direct mail letter to a prospect and then follow up with a phone call. Or, you can phone first to qualify whether or not you should buy the stamp. As mentioned above, the fact remains that using a telemarketing list truly does work.

Charitable organizations often use a telemarketing list to solicit donations, while businesses often use telephone lists to pre-qualify prospects and/or close the sale over the phone.

You can keep track of your telemarketing list calls using a basic Excel spreadsheet. Each time you make a call, record the result of each call. (You can do this yourself or hire one or more people to work your telemarketing list.) Mark the results, such as:

  • No Answer
  • Wrong Number
  • Appointment/ Sale
  • Not Interested
  • Call Back
  • Not Qualified
  • Answering machine
  • No Answer

By keeping track of the calls, you can see how well this telemarketing list converts for you and which areas your callers may need more training on.

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