How to find a targeted Direct Mailing List

Experts agree that 40% or more of marketing success depends on the targeted Direct Mailing List purchased. Whether you’re targeting Consumers or Businesses it will determine whether your marketing investment brings back sales for your company or gets thrown away with the “junk mail.” As we like to say in this industry, “The money’s in the list.” If you send your message to the wrong group of people, they will not buy it no matter how pretty your marketing piece is.

As Direct mail list brokers – we’re here to help you select the most targeted list possible.

We offer specifically targeted lists to satisfy virtually any project. As list brokers, we represent more than 70,000 lists worldwide. We offer Canadian and American postal lists as well as International postal lists. But that’s not all.

With Strategic List Services you have access to the most recently updated and complete databases available anywhere. Our goal is to help you customize your in-house lists so that we can help you reach more new customers and increase your sales. With your valuable input, we determine exactly who you want to reach, and recommend the most relevant, most popular, largest, and most up-to-date lists possible.

Direct Mail Lists

We are able to negotiate directly with the list owners and managers on your behalf, thereby saving you money. We also keep track of all your orders, so that when you are ready to order again, you will not receive any duplicate names.

Feel free to fill out our no-obligation research request form to the right and one of our brokers will be happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Depending on your marketing budget and the list types that you need for your campaign, we will work with you to find the best list type for your business.

Business Postal List

We represent every business list type on the market, ranging from a basic list to more specific specialty lists.   A Business list contains business names and addresses in the USA, Canada and internationally.  You can narrow it down by adding targeted selects.

Consumer Mailing List

Strategic List Services represents every consumer mailing list type on the market, ranging from basic lists to specialty lists. If it’s available, we can get it for you.  Each Consumer list contains consumers at their home addresses in the USA, direct mail Canada and internationally.

New Mover Mailing Lists

Do you want to target new movers? New mover mailing lists consist of highly motivated and targeted buyers. They spend more money in the first six months in their new home than they do in the following two years. They need things like linens, drapes, flooring, roofs, and other items for their homes, as well as services like dentists, doctors, and chiropractors, and they even need to figure out which restaurant is going to be their new favourite.

Specialty Direct Mailing List

Usually, when we first start working with a new client, they ask us, “So, what kind of lists do you have?” and we reply, “Who do you want to reach?” We’re not trying to be cheeky, but there are literally thousands upon thousands of specialty lists out there.

Let our list brokers find the direct marketing list type for your business!

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