What is the best way to tell if a direct marketing list works?

list brokerAlso see What is a typical response rate for a B2B marketing project? Direct marketing is unique among all advertising media in its ability to measure response and identify its exact source. All successful direct marketing programs track and analyze the source of every order, inquiry, lead or other response they generate. This is what makes certain companies stand out from the crowd. This analysis tells you which lists worked and which didn’t. It’s vitally important to key code your offer or make it distinctive somehow. Most advertisers set up a unique landing page or unique toll-free number for each project. Or they say, “Quote Summer Offer XYZ for 10% off your next order” so they can track exactly which ad this customer came from. Train your sales staff to always ask, “How did you hear about our company?” and keep track.

You cannot improve sales it if you don’t measure and keep track.

And you can’t possibly know how a list performed if you don’t keep track. How will you know if you should use it again?

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