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It’s essential to ensure that the marketing lists you purchase are targeted to your specific audience.

Ensure you have a clear strategy for using the list and measure its effectiveness to ensure it’s a worthwhile investment for your business.

List Brokers are direct marketing professionals or companies that help marketers access marketing lists. These lists include contact details of individuals or businesses that meet specific criteria, enabling marketers to effectively focus their advertising and promotional efforts. “Marketing lists” is a commonly used term for these brokers and their services.

When partnering with a list broker, you must specify your objectives and target audience and the details you want in your list. This ensures the list meets your requirements and complies with relevant laws and regulations.

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We listen to you while you discuss your project, goals, budget and timeline, and then we get to work researching the best lists to fit your needs. They then present you with a proposal, and you can decide how and when to proceed. There’s no pressure, and we work for free (we get a commission from the list vendor if you choose to rent the list)

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