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Postcard Marketing Still Works!

Postcard Marketing

Use postcards in repetitive mailings and make your business soar!

Postcard Marketing still works and is one of the simplest and most cost-effective forms of direct mail marketing. Because postcards work so well, they can be considered one of the key small business marketing strategies.

The most straightforward postcard marketing strategy to get new customers is this:

  • Get their identities. (Mailing lists do this.)
  • Reach them. (Direct mail does this.)
  • Attract their attention and get your message across. (Postcards do this perfectly; remember – you don’t have to open them!)
  • Get them to contact you. (Your postcard will do that if it’s well-designed and well-written.)
  • Mail SEVERAL times to the same list if you still see calls coming in.
  • The rest is up to your ability to sell. Postcards will bring in the leads.

Return on Investment:

All too often, people look at marketing ROI in terms of response rate. In other words, “I sent out 10,000 pieces of direct mail and only got 39 responses, which is terrible.” This is the wrong way to think about ROI.

When it comes to marketing ROI, you have to realize that the term means Return On Investment and the return is measured in dollars (or your local currency). Suppose you spend $2,000 to get out a bulk mailing of 5,000 pieces, and you get ten calls as a result. At

first blush, I’ll admit, it doesn’t look like much of a response. But of these ten calls, you close six and get immediate sales of $12,000.

That’s marketing ROI! And that’s not even considering the future sales to those six new customers. It also doesn’t consider the people who hang onto the postcard and respond six months or a year after you’ve made the money from that particular mailing. It could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars – all because of an initial outlay of two grand.

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