How Mobile Marketing Changed our Business

Mobile marketing completely changed our business in a way that we weren’t even expecting.

We are so passionate about helping our customers succeed that for many years we’ve been promoting direct mailing list rental as a way of reaching new customers. From time-to-time, we arranged Mobile marketing campaigns too but it was not the majority of our business.

However, over the last year or so, we’ve noticed a decline in the number of small business owners who can afford to pay for printing and postage. As a result, we decided to change our entire business model. You see, for many years we have been in the business of renting lists: mailing lists, telemarketing lists, and opt-in email lists. We still provide these services to some of our clients, but the most exciting development in the past couple of years has been Mobile marketing.

Mobile MarketingWhy the excitement about SMS Text marketing?

Because it works. Plain and simple. It works better than direct mail, better than telemarketing, and much better than email. Plus it’s way cheaper than everything else. When you combine a lower price with a higher response rate, you’ve got a winner. SMS (short message service) marketing really works.

At first, we started out doing sms marketing campaigns for our clients by using one of our trusted vendor’s opt-in lists. If they didn’t have a list of their own, this was the best option.

Recently, all the staff here at Strategic Lists got together to brainstorm what we could do to provide more for our customers. We decided to go one step further with Text message marketing and change our business model and begin to help our clients build their own in-house opt-in lists.

I know what you’re thinking – isn’t that a bit of a conflict? Well…yes and no. We still rent lists to our clients, but we truly believe that it’s in a business owner’s best interest to build their own list, and there is no better time to start than right now. Besides, you can use a rented list to help grow your own marketing list by sending out a text message and directing them to sign up for your offer!

How to Start Doing SMS Marketing

Our highly trained staff can walk you through exactly what to do to start your own  campaign. We manage your entire promotion for you.  You’ll have your own dedicated account representative on speed dial. She’ll consult with you at the beginning of the month as to what specials and promotions you have going on, and she’ll text them out to our subscribers on your behalf – after you’ve approved them, of course.

Imagine sending out an sms marketing message to all your customers saying “Free appy tonight with your meal“. What if you sent that to 500 people and what if 50 people came in and took you up on that offer? Would you make more money that day?

Doesn’t SMS Marketing Annoy People?

I have to admit, this was my first reaction too. But the answer is NO. These are people who have put up their hand and said, “Yes I want to be in your VIP Club and Yes I want to receive specials from you.” You put up signs in your place of business saying, “Text [keyword] to 33938 for 10% off your next purchase” and when they do this, they are giving you permission to contact them again and again.

Of course, with every text we send out during your sms marketing campaign, we always tell them how to opt out from receiving any further messages. So any time they want to stop being included in your sms marketing, they just need to say the word, and the text messages stop. So they ONLY receive your SMS marketing messages if they want to receive your VIP special deals.

Can Mobile Marketing Really Work for Your Business?

Frankly, it depends on what kind of business you have, whether or not SMS marketing will work well or not. If you have a business with a lot of foot traffic, such as a hair salon, day spa, dentist, chiropractor, health and beauty services or a restaurant, nightclub, fitness club, then Text message marketing – if done right – can work wonders for your business.

Imagine, every time your business is slow, you send out a text message through your sms marketing provider and you instantly get more business. It really is that simple.

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