on-page optimization

On-Page Optimization

We work with you to determine the best on-page optimization using the keywords you want to rank for.  Then we create new pages or optimize your current pages to match those keywords.

On-Page or Post items to optimize:

Title Tags

On-Page Optimization

Title Tags are usually the first search criteria.
Ensure every page on your website has a unique title tag which helps search engines find you.
Each Title Tag tells the meaning and theme of each page. We help you determine what these Title Tags should be. No more than 55 characters. See the Example Title tag

Meta Descriptions

Meta Description

Although not considered searched, every page should have a unique and accurate Meta Description. They are often picked up by Google and served as the “snippet” of information that appears on search engine results pages. We help you with the best snippets and what should be in them.

This is a good place to put your phone number so they don’t even have to click on your website. See what a meta description looks like when doing a search.

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to Measure your On-Page Optimization Results

Analytics Reports

Measuring your Results with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

We set up a Google Analytics Account for you to receive accurate traffic information. A complete checklist of the headings and content for the main pages you want to rank for will be presented to ensure that your website is search engine friendly.