How list brokers help and why should I use one?

A list broker specializes in targeted direct marketing lists and who knows all there is to know about getting the list that best matches your requirements.

When you need insurance, you can go to an insurance broker to shop around and find insurance options for you; similarly, a list broker will research list choices for you and come back to you with several lists to choose from. You tell your list broker about your project, your goals, who you want to reach, your budget and your time frame and then your list broker will present you with the best list option for your project.

Direct marketing lists are owned by list vendors and typically brokers don’t own their own lists. When your broker first starts looking, a number of various lists appear. The first thing we look at is who the list vendor is and we ponder the following:

  • Are they reputable?
  • Do they deliver lists on time?
  • Do they have reliable lists?
  • Have we bought from them before?
  • Are they well known?

We also like to look at who else has rented this particular list. Did they test it only once or did they continue to use it? If they continued, it’s likely that it was a good list for them.

Then we look at which lists fall within your budget. There’s no point in recommending something you can’t afford! After all, the list is the cheapest part of the whole equation. Your printing and postage will cost more than the list. In fact, your list will typically come in at around 10-15% of your overall budget, yet it is the single most important part of the project.

Finding a good list broker is an important part of a successful direct marketing campaign. The best part is, you’re not required to pay anything for their services! The list broker is paid a commission by the list vendor. Your list broker will work for free until they get the job done.

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