Why are Targeted Lists so important to the success of my direct marketing campaign?

Targeted Lists

Experts agree that your choice of direct marketing lists has more impact on the response produced by your direct marketing effort than any other decision you make.

Here’s why a targeted list is so important:

A badly written marketing message (also known as your “creative”) will pull more response from a well-targeted list, than a fantastic message will from a poorly targeted list. That makes sense, right? If you are sending a message about dog food to HR Managers instead of dog lovers, it doesn’t matter how fabulous your message is, few people will buy when compared to sending the same message to actual dog lovers. Don’t get confused by the expression, “Copy is King”.

While it’s true that improving your creative — copy, package or offer — can indeed increase overall response by 25% to 100%, a very good, targeted direct marketing list can improve your response even more. If you need a good copy writer, we highly recommend Chris Custer. We’ve met with him in person and seen his work in action. Not only is he is a really nice guy, he is a great copy writer who really produces. Let him know Strategic Lists sent you and he’ll take good care of you. Thorough list research doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Leave it to the experts. Contact one of our friendly list brokers today and they can do it all for you so you can concentrate on all the other aspects of your project. It’s fast, easy and free. Give us a call today at 1-888-848-1215 or fill out our Research Request so we can begin discussing your ideal target market.

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