What is a typical Response Rate for a B2B Campaign?

B2BIt’s difficult to answer what the typical response rate is for a Business to Business Marketing effort, but it is a question we get often. Our job as list brokers is to get you the very best list for your project. The rest is out of our control. Typically, response rates for B2B marketing efforts can be less than 1% to as much as 3% or more depending on the details of your offer. A high ticket item (e.g. $100+) will normally have a lower response rate than a low-priced or free offer. (People love free stuff!) Predicting a response rate for an untested list or new offer is impossible. The question to ask is not, “What response rate will I get?” but rather, “What response rate do I need to get?” “How much money do I need to make to break even?” “How many widgets do I need to sell?” If the profits generated by your direct mail campaign exceed the costs to use it, then it’s a success! If a list produces less profit than its total costs, you should look at all parts of your campaign (not just the list): your offer, the timing, the list, the envelope, the creative, the medium (brochure, letter, postcard) and so on. Know what your ROI (return on investment) needs to be from the very beginning. You must have a goal in mind because it’s impossible to measure the results otherwise. We always recommend that you test a small number first before you roll out to a larger quantity.

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