How List Experts Benefit You

One of the benefits of working with a list broker to find your ideal audience is that we are experts at doing the research and the legwork for you.  After all, there are more than 70,000 direct marketing lists worldwide, so it would be very difficult for you to know where to look and which list would work best for you.

We help you find what you are looking for in a Marketing List?


Leave it to us. We will research and find the direct marketing lists that match your needs perfectly. We don’t try to sell you what we have in-house. (Unless your list requirement is very basic, in which case we will show you how to use our online database and you can run counts and order lists any time you want.)

Submit your Research Request There are two easy ways to get our FREE direct marketing list recommendations… (There’s NO cost or obligation whatsoever)

1. Call toll-free 888-848-1215 

phoneThe first thing we’ll do is listen. To your goals. To your schedule. To your budget. Then we’ll suggest the very best direct marketing lists available. You see, Strategic List Services has been around for years and we are a member of the Better Business Bureau. We KNOW this business! And we know who has good lists and who has bad lists. Give us a call right now and get our list recommendations at no cost and with no obligation (our fees are paid by the list owner, not you).

2. Or fill-out the Form to the right and click “Send”

mouseWhen we receive your Request, we’ll get back to you promptly with thoughtful list recommendations. You may be thinking… wow, this is a long form. Many fields are optional, but the more you tell us about what you’re after, the better we can make well-researched list recommendations.

We respect your email privacy This request does not obligate you or your company in any way to purchase or agree to purchase any products or services from Strategic List Services Inc. In addition, your information, including your contact info, will not be sold, rented, or distributed in any way. It is for the sole express purpose of exchanging information with Strategic List Services, who may from time to time send you information about their products and services.

More Information about Marketing List Experts

As list brokers, we have access to every list available on the market worldwide.  Let us find your most targeted list for you!
If there are other aspects of your marketing campaign that we can help with, we’re happy to. Simply fill out the form above, or phone us at 1-888-848-1215.

We look forward to helping you find the very best targeted list!