Postcard Marketing

Business Postcard Examples:

We have many postcards to choose from and but these Business Postcard Examples will give you an idea of how a postcard can promote your product or service.  Simply let us know your offer your logo and anything else you want on your postcard and we will do the creative and forward it for your approval.

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Some Business Postcard Examples

The Postcard is Direct Mail Marketing’s Secret Weapon!

What’s the fastest, simplest and cheapest way to promote just about any business?

The answer is postcards sent by direct mail. You can get your message to a targeted group of prospects or to your existing customers starting at 99 cents each including the mailing list, Printing, Address processing, and first-class postage. Postcards Work.

You can generate leads, create sales, and ask prospects to give you a try or convince existing customers to buy more or buy more often. Postcards Work.  What are the 2 biggest secrets of marketing with postcards?

1. Regular, repeated mailings are the way to create big predictable results. When you mail every 30 days for a year you will cause a dramatic growth in your business. People respond to repetition.

2. There are really only 4 reasons people don’t buy your products and services. Look at your own buying behavior and see for yourself if you believe me when I tell you these 4 apply to you too.

a) No need or benefit
b) No money
c) No hurry
d) No trust

1. Eliminate the risk with an unconditional money-back guarantee.
2. Give them testimonials from satisfied customers and/or provide references that prove the quality and reliability of your product or service.
3. Make it easy for your prospects and customers to communicate with you and get their questions and concerns answered. Let them see you and your business are real and that you value getting and keeping their trust and present and future business.