We offer All-In-One Postcard Marketing Services

How would you like to:
Get 20, 50, 100 or MORE new customers  Postcard Marketing

  • Next Month?
  • Increase your revenues by 10%, 20% MORE?
  • Build your business FAST and Inexpensively?
  • Save Time and Money?
  • Make it a priority to increase sales revenues?
  • Have an experienced marketing team on your side, doing it all for you, so you can stop worrying and get back to work?

To help combat these uncertain economic times we have put together an Exciting New All-Inclusive Postcard Marketing Program.  If you don’t have time and want to save money, from the list to your customer you don’t lift a finger!

Our Postcard Package Includes It All:

  • The Mailing List – Personally Customized.
  • The Design ServiceWe design your postcard to your specifications.
  • The Printing – High-end, double sided, color, thick, glossy, UV coated 14pt paper.
  • The Addressing – Processing and handling.
  • The Postage  –  First Class postage.
  • Fast Delivery – Your customers will receive your message within a week of your approval!

Postcards are time tested and proven again and again that they work.

  • They are much less expensive than letters or flyers and…
  • People Read Postcards!
  • Nobody has to open them up – they can’t help reading it!
  • Everyone loves attention, so we make sure we personalize each and every postcard.
  • More and more of our clients are getting back to basics with their marketing dollars.