Are You Looking for Targeted Sales Leads?

At some point in time, every business needs new leads. There are many ways to go about generating sales leads, but the quickest way is to buy a targeted, customized sales leadslist from a recognized list broker.

So… what do you DO with this list?

Regardless of whether you are selling a product or service, there are 5 basic actions that a salesperson must glean from their prospect in order to make the sale. Once you have your sales leads in hand, aim to follow these guidelines:

ATTENTION: You must get your prospect’s attention – don’t be boring! You can do this by mailing them a lumpy mail package, or by using a subject line that stands out, for example.

INTEREST: Pique their interest in what you are offering by demonstrating what makes you or your company unique.

DESIRE:  Your sales leads must want what you’re selling more than what your competition is selling. Makes sense, right? You can build your sales leads desire by demonstrating the benefits of doing business with you.

JUSTIFICATION: Use demonstrated ROI and factual information to explain why they should choose you. Don’t just tell your sales leads what you do, tell them what kind of experience they can expect to have when doing business with you. If your sales leads choose to business with you instead of your competition, how will that change things for them?

CALL TO ACTION: Don’t forget to place your call to action in your marketing materials. Your sales leads need to be able to have their questions answered before they will buy.

There are numerous ways to close the deal with your sales leads, such as:

Ask: You ask  your sales leads if they’re ready to order. You ask for the sale directly.

Bundling: Some of your sales leads will appreciate getting a “deal” so if you bundle some of your products or services together, they will be more likely to buy.

Urgency: Present your sales leads with a time-sensitive offer that expires relatively soon.

Sample: Give your sales leads a sample of your product and then give them a time sensitive offer.

Reduced Price: If price is an issue for some of your sales leads, offer them a “lite” version of your product or service for a discount.

One of the most effective ways to initiate sales with these sales leads is by regularly following up. Here are some more tips:

Listen more than you talk: Have you heard of the expression “There’s a reason why you are born with two ears and only one mouth?” If you spend more time listening to your sales leads, you will often hear things that you would have otherwise missed. Don’t assume anything.  What are your sales leads priorities? What is their pain?

What’s in it for Them? What are the benefits that your sales leads will experience if they buy from you? Focus on how their situation will change if they become your customer.

Get to Know Them: Try to contact your sales leads on the phone at some point so that you can actually get to know them. This will help you to connect with them and understand their needs and problems.

Don’t Be Pushy: In business, people do their planning at different times than their buying. Keep this in mind. Sometimes silence means “not right now.”

Be a Resource: We always tell our sales leads to use us as a resource for their company. There’s a lot of great information you can get from your list broker – for free!

If you try to do some or all of the above with your sales leads, you will be much farther ahead than if you were to do nothing with your list of sales leads.

However you connect with your sales leads, you must remember that the operative word is “connect.” Don’t buy a list of sales leads and put it off because you are too busy running your business. Use that list to connect with them. Creating that personal connection can be the start of a long customer relationship.

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