What are hotline names and why are they important?

Hot linesHotline names are individuals who have made a recent purchase and have therefore recently been added to a list. The term Hotline does not have anything to do with calling a hotline phone number. Hotline can also be thought of as “recency” such as in the past 30, 60 or 90 Days.

Hotline names are not always worth the extra cost however. Sometimes new clients ask for “fresh” names but in reality someone added to the list yesterday and someone added to the list ten years ago are equally able to respond to your offer. The lists are updated at least once a month so you do not need to worry about accuracy issues.

Whether or not you require hotline names really depends on your offer. Sometimes it’s worth it to pay the extra amount to order the list. Your list broker will help you decide if you need it or not.

Take golf for example. If someone recently started playing golf, they are probably a little obsessed with it and it would be good timing to send your golf offer to a golf list. Target them right away while they’re in a buying mood!

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