Consumer Email

Looking to Buy A US Consumer Email List?

No matter who you are trying to reach, we can customize a consumer email list for you. You’ll own the list and you can use it as many times as you like. In many cases, your consumer email list will include mailing addresses and phones too, so it’s ideal for any multi-channel marketing you are trying to do.

Our consumer lists offer targeted and affordable leads that are regularly updated to give you the most precise and powerful list. These lists will help you attract new customers, therefore, increasing your sales revenue.  Let us help you create a custom targeted consumer list.

Who Are You Trying to Reach?

Your consumer email list can be customized so that the only people on your list are people who are most likely to be receptive to your offer. There are several things to keep in mind when using a consumer email list. First, you must comply with the CanSpam rules and regulations at all times. If you are in doubt, call our office and we’ll explain it to you.

There are many ways we can customize your consumer email list for you, such as:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Presence of children
  • Online Buyer
  • Donor
  • Hobbies
  • Stocks, investments
  • Sports
  • Purchase History
  • Groupon Leads
  • College Students
  • Business Opportunity Seekers
  • Home-Based Business Owners
  • MLM Business owners
  • And much more!

Make sure you are sending your consumer email list an offer with a strong Call to Action. There’s no point in sending out a boring email with no call to action because the recipient will just delete it.

Using subject lines with your Consumer Email Lists

The subject line that you choose will determine whether or not your email gets opened. When you consider that potentially only 10% of your consumer email list will even open your email, you will soon realize that the subject line is the most important aspect of your email campaign. Our dedicated list brokers can help you choose your subject line for maximum results.

Buying a Consumer Email List versus Renting

Many of our large corporate clients prefer that we rent the consumer email list and send out their email on their behalf. This is because the majority of the specialized lists are owned by companies that want to protect their data at all costs and therefore will not release the email addresses to anyone. So sometimes you have to rent the consumer email list if it’s owned by someone that will not release the emails. However we do have a couple of good vendors that will sell consumer email lists, but it’s a little more expensive because they have gone to the trouble of collecting those email addresses.

By and large, we have access to millions of consumer emails; let us know what you’re looking for and we’d be happy to let you know if it’s available!