Thank you for providing us with such a strong marketing list. The quality is second to none and has been truly fantastic. In addition to saving us money (as your price beat the quote of many other providers), more importantly, you also saved us time and effort as the list you provided was focused and tailored effectively to our targeted demographic. Thanks again!
Christopher Law, TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice
I would recommend Strategic List Services to anyone looking for an effective mailing list. Prompt, courteous, efficient and trustworthy, they’ll assist you in acquiring the most accurate and targeted list at the best price possible.
Connie Wilson, Editor-in-Chief Modern Dog Magazine, www.moderndogmagazine.com
The Strategic team are real people pleasers, who go out of their way to be thorough and timely every time! Contact them for any list building needs you may have in the future. I have personally recommended them to 50+ clients over the last 2 years.
Jake Jordan, Charter Home Solutions
The entire team at Strategic Lists have been an absolute pleasure to work with! They always strive to deliver the most accurate and complete data in the business and continuously strive to go above and beyond to exceed expectations. I recommend all my clients choose Strategic Lists for their data needs. In my opinion, there’s no one more reliable, more efficient or more customer-focused, than the Strategic Lists team.
John Wickie, President and CEO Televation Communications Inc. North America’s Call Outsourcing Solution – www.televation.ca

Our Team

The Strategic List Services team are Direct Marketing List Brokers representing over 50,000 direct mail list databases worldwide. As international list brokers, we will help you achieve top-notch results from your marketing efforts with the best customized direct marketing list.
Have one of our list brokers research direct marketing list options for you and present them to you in a proposal. This is a free service. Whether you use our free online system or use one of our list brokers, we provide our clients with customized direct mail lists or telemarketing lists, opt-in email campaigns and SMS campaigns.
Say, for example, you wanted to reach consumers who subscribe to National Geographic magazine, or businesses that are “going green”, then you would need the services of one of our helpful list brokers.

 Here’s how we work:

Our list brokers listen to you while you discuss your project, your goals, your budget and your timeline, then they get to work researching the best lists to fit your needs. They then present you with a proposal and you can decide how and when to move forward. There’s no pressure, and our brokers work for free (they get a commission from the list vendor if you choose to rent the list).
Contact one of our brokers today to discuss your next project.