Branding in direct marketing

Brand Hierarchy in direct marketing

What exactly is brand hierarchy in direct marketing? It’s about communicating with your customers from differnt contact points within your compnay. This is a very interesting concept, because most small businesses generally communicate from the “Brand” itself, i.e. with mailing a postcard from “Company Name”… or one of your sales people sends emails from their own name, such as marketing

Using brand hierarchy in direct marketing

Using brand hierarchy in direct marketing can be very effective because it can shake things up – if your prospect didn’t open your last email, maybe they’ll open one from the President of the company.

John Keating just wrote a good article about Brand Hierarchy in direct marketing in The Marketing Donut. You can read the article in its entirety here:

Keating writes:

“Brand hierarchies recognise that the interaction between a customer and a brand occurs on more than one level and that communications also occur via more than one marketing channel, which again has differing levels of importance or relevance to customers.

Brand hierarchies show that these levels are not equal and do in fact have a hierarchical structure.  Consequently a message from a higher level of an organisation is likely to be seen as more important or interesting.”

Thinking about your company’s Direct Marketing

I would encourage you to think about what areas of your company your direct marketing is coming from now, and try to incorporate brand hierarchy in your direct marketing. As always, do some testing with your direct marekting and see what happens.

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