How to Estimate Pricing For Your Mailing List

Estimating the Cost For Your Mailing List

Online Mailing ListsUsing our online system to buy a mailing list, all you have to do is this: after you have finishing choosing your selects and you click on “Get Count”, you click on the button that says “View Pricing” and then the tab that says “Estimate Pricing for my Count” and it will tell you the exact cost.

Estimating your total costs to rent a mailing list is another matter.

Your list broker will be able to tell you exactly how much your mailing list will cost, but if you want to rent mailing lists with our online system by yourself, here’s how:

The first step is to calculate the base rental. It is usually expressed like this: $150/M. The “M” stands for “thousand” (as in mille, the French word for thousand). Divide the total quantity you wish to order by 1,000; then multiply the result by the dollar cost per thousand. For example, if you’re your base rental is $150/M, then 5,000 records divided by 1,000, equals 5. Multiply 5 by $150/M rental rate, and that equals $750.00 base rental.

Your Mailing List Selects’ Costs

Next, do the same calculation for each selection charge which will be used in your order. The base usually includes only the name (person’s name on a consumer mailing list or company name on a business mailing list), and the mailing address. If you want more information, you will need to pay extra for it. Lists are kind of like a la carte restaurants, you get the basics and then pay for all the extras.

If you are selecting a particular geography such as zip codes or a city, for example,and the geo selection is priced at $10/M+ ($10 per thousand additional), you will incur a $50.00 total charge for geo selection. If you also select job title or annual sales revenues or some other segment with a selection charge, calculate these amounts and add them together with the base rental, calculated above.

Next, calculate the fulfillment charge. Typically this is $50 – $75 to have the file sent to you via email.  The total of these calculations should give you a very good estimate of your total costs. When you place your order from one of our list brokers, you will have a very detailed order form which shows you the exact cost to rent a list. There are never any hidden fees or surprises with our firm.

Keep in mind that it’s equally important to calculate your printing and mailing costs. Sometimes people try to scrimp on the cost of the list when it’s actually the cheapest part of the equation and if you pay a little but more, you will get a more targeted list. It’s worth it!

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