How to Buy New Mover Leads Online Video

Here is our “How to Buy New Mover leads online” Video.   Our six-month New Mover database is rebuilt/refreshed on a monthly basis. At that time the majority of our new records are added and records appearing on the base for more than six months are deleted. General release of the file is scheduled for the 4th Friday of each month and is available on the following Monday.Search for mailing lists in the database
NOTE: New phone numbers are added the week AFTER the monthly rebuild.

Reach out to this diverse, yet highly responsive, market with our new movers database. Our new movers database is available each week, providing a fresh source of recently reported new movers.

New movers are excellent prospects for household furnishings and appliances, home improvement offers, phone service, garden and workshop tools, insurance, local retail stores, banks, credit card organizations, catalogers, fundraising associations and restaurants.  Target new movers by distance of move, whether the move was local or out of state, or type of dwelling moved from and to. Refine your prospect universe further with demographic selects like age, estimated income and presence of children to target the right households for your offer.

How To Buy New Mover Leads Video