How To Download-It-Yourself Videos

How easy is it to buy USA Postal or Telemarketing lists online!

Search for mailing lists in the databaseWe sincerely want to help you succeed with your Direct Mail and Telemarketing efforts.

To help you, our president, Suzanne Doyle has recorded a series of  Step by Step Do-It-Yourself Videos to help you learn how to register for our online system and quickly and easily download your own marketing lists. First she shows you how to Register and then how to run your own counts to your heart’s content and at absolutely no obligation or cost.

Our Online Database Do-It-Yourself Videos:

The benefits of online mailing lists are:

  • You can run counts any time you like, 24/7, 365 days a year
  • It costs nothing to register
  • There are NO minimum orders – you can buy as few as 100 leads if you like
  • Pay as you go and spend less than $20 for a small list that meets your budget.
  • You can play around with hundreds of selects to really narrow your target
  • You can purchase the mailing list online yourself
  • No more waiting for days for your list
  • Our Accuracy Guarantee is the BEST in the industry – we stand behind our lists!
  • No pressure to buy anything
  • Use it as a free research tool
  • Get help for free at any time
  • Choose from a Consumer mailing lists, Business mailing lists, New Movers, Mortgage lists and more
  • Watch the free videos to learn exactly how to use the free system and start running your own counts today.

By all means please call us at 1-866-575-0043 if you have any questions or require further assistance. We are always here to help!