Online Consumer Database information and Pricing

Consumer Database Information

onlinedatabase1Although the major list compilers have a lot of data similarities i.e. demographic  data selectors, the way the data is compiled, the build or cleaning process, source of the data, and the coverage can be very different.

The US Consumers file is rebuilt from scratch every two months.  It starts with over 800 million name and address records only from multiple source contributors i.e. white pages, real property data, and other sources.  The 800 million records are processed via National Change of Address (NCOA), Delivery Sequence File (DSF), Locatable Address Conversion Service (LACS), and other third party enhancements.  Additionally the data is passed against suppression files to eliminate consumers or telephone numbers as appropriate:  A Deceased File, State Attorney General (SAG) data, the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) do-not-mail and do-not-call lists, and the national FTC do-not-call file.

The following Consumer database pricing is the base price only additional charges will apply to any additional selections such as telephones, age, income, gender, interests etc.

* Consumer Database –  Pricing

Base Pricing
Description Price Unit each
Consumer List Additional Copy Free    
Consumer List Base Price $70.00 Per 1000 7 cents
Consumer List Base Price Internet Delivery Only $70.00 Per 1000 7 cents
Consumer List Twice Usage $105.00 Per 1000 10.5 cents
Consumer List Twice Usage Internet Delivery Only $105.00 Per 1000 10.5 cents
Consumer List Multiple Usage $140.00 Per 1000 14 cents 
Consumer List Multiple Usage Internet Delivery Only $140.00 Per 1000 14 cents 

* Please note pricing is subject to change without notice here.

The Consumer List is created to provide only unique mailable records.  Our names and addresses are passed against third party enhancement processing to provide the data selectors available for greater targeting and segmentation.  Not all the data elements available on the enhancement file are available for list rental due to agreements with our contributors.

When creating a database of this magnitude business rules are developed and utilized to produce the best quality product available.  Another difference in the Consumer List rental file as compared to our competitors is the ability to provide all the decision makers at an address.  Traditionally we have built our file on a “household” basis and what this means is that each unique surname at a delivery point or address is considered a household. For example, you have the following individuals at one delivery point: Susan Smith, Bob Smith, Robin Smith-Johnson, and James Johnson. For this one delivery point the mailer would receive the following records as households for one delivery point: James Johnson, Bob Smith, and Robin Smith-Johnson. This format makes sure roommates are not put together in a household, or individuals that do not belong together, stay separate. A portion of the population does live in roommate situations or as unmarried couples, and our methodology allows for marketers to reach all the decision-makers at a single address.  Or course this system can provide one record per address if a mailer so chooses.

We work to provide the most comprehensive coverage of mailable names and address in the market place with the convenience of reaching all decision makers possible.