BUY USA LEADSBuy USA Postal & Telemarketing Lists Online – Both Business and Consumer lists.

Did you know you can buy US Postal and Telemarketing lists online 24/7 and download it yourself instantly any time of day or night?  It’s totally FREE to Register to check it out.  No charges until you are ready to buy. 

Buy USA Mailing Lists Online



We have partnered with our #1 postal list vendor to offer our customers a way to Do-It-Yourself-Postal Lists Online.  See our How-To Videos help you run counts and buy USA Business and  USA Consumer lists online.

FREE to Register and Minimum Orders Start at $10 for 100:

There is literally NO minimum order only $10 for 100 Contacts to start. You will receive approximately 100 targeted sales leads customized by you.  This system is ideal if you are looking to order a small number of records and everyone else is telling you that their minimum order is 5,000 records.

Aside from ease of use, 24/7 availability and speed (instant downloads), the best part about our online mailing list is our Guarantee. We stand behind our data! We know that our online database is the highest quality available. That’s why we’re not afraid to offer a real guarantee that covers not only the list but postage and printing too!  See our help videos.

Here’s our Online List Guarantee:

It’s simple, fast and affordable and we have the Best Guarantee in the Industry!

The online Consumer, Occupant, New Movers, New Homeowners & Real Property Files are guaranteed to be 92% deliverable. If you receive more than 8% returns we will pay you $0.40 per return over the 8%, up to the cost of the entire mailing list.

The online Business File is guaranteed to be 85% deliverable. If you receive more than 15% returns we will pay you $0.40 per return over the 15%, up to the cost of the entire mailing list.

Mail pieces must be addressed correctly, adherent to postal regulations and mailed within 60 days of purchase.

Mail to our Online Database with confidence!

For any specialty lists that we source for you (in other words, not our online database).  Each of these lists is owned by separate list owners, and as such, they all have different guarantees. (Some offer no guarantees but we don’t rent from them!) Your list broker will explain each guarantee that is associated with the list(s) you are interested in. Just so you know, the industry standard is 92% for consumer lists and 85% for business lists.

Register for our online count system today.

We look forward to helping you succeed!