How Realtors Can Find New Clients Using a Targeted Mailing List

We recently had one of our past customers come back to us for another mailing list. He’s a real estate mailing listreal estate agent from Baltimore and he rented a small list some time ago which produced great results for him. In this blog post I am going to share with you exactly what kind of list he rented, so you can do the same.

His mailing list was customized just for him using the following selects:

  • Renters
  • LOR (Length of Residence) = 1-14 years
  • Household Income $40k+
  • Certain zips codes

He sent out only 500 letters asking these renters, “Have you ever thought about buying a house? Did you know that your mortgage payment could turn out to be the same as your rent? Give me a call to discuss!”

Pretty simple, right? You could do this too. Based on those 500 letters, he got 10 responses (a 2% conversion, which is good) which resulted in 2 sales. Do you know what the ROI (return on investment) that is? Neither do I… because I didn’t ask him how much commission he made on those two sales, but let’s take a guess. What if he made $6000 in commissions?

Do you think renting a mailing list and sending it out to a targeted group of people in your area would be worth your time?

Here’s Another Target Group

How about renting a list of elderly people (age 90+) who are homeowners, and whose homes are valued at over $300,000? Can you imagine what you could do with that list? Here’s a better question: Can you imagine how you could help these people?

Our assumption is that they are elderly and possibly getting ready to move into assisted living. They are going to need a caring realtor who will help them make this transition. Timing is everything and your letter might just arrive at exactly the right time! What if the elderly wife or husband just went into care? The remaining spouse could really use your help – and fast.

We have found that writing out the address by hand has a greater chance of getting people to open and read the letter. Now, you might find that you do not have the time to address hundreds or thousands of envelopes. Do you know who has time, wants money and has beautiful handwriting? Teenaged girls, that’s who! Contact your local high school and hire 3 or 4 teenagers to spend a few hours writing out the addresses on the envelopes. Make it competitive, so whoever finishes the most envelopes get an iTunes card as a bonus. If you had 3 girls working for 3  hours and you paid them $8/hr, your cost would be only $72 plus the iTunes card. I would estimate they could each do 60 envelopes an hour (or more), so in the end you’d have  540 envelopes done and ready for mailing. Believe me, it’s worth it.

Here are Strategic List Services, we are all about helping our customers find their ideal clients so that you can grow your business and increase your revenue. We love what we do!

Give us a call today to see how we can help you too.

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How to Save Money with an Email List

How to Save Money With an Email List

We are always looking for ways to save our clients time and money. Allow us to introduce you to our partner, Clickback – a data-driven, cloud computing Email Lead Generation software – to help you generate more leads from your purchased email list.

You see, Clickback is software that you can use to safely send out your purchased emails. A lot of companies will not allow you to do that, such as Aweber, Constant Contact, Get Response, and so on. But Clickback knows that we only sell high quality email lists, not junk like some of the people in this industry! You can’t just send out your purchased emails using your regular old email account. You could get in trouble doing that.  

The Clickback Lead Gen Edition that helps customers to:

buy emailsTurn their non permission-based contacts and purchased data into profitable sales leads.

Maximize efficiencies with Clickback’s automated API integrations that push new leads into third-party software solutions (such as Salesforce).

Optimize email deliverability and open rates with Clickback Lead Gen Edition’s 325+ deliverability variables for continuous monitoring of blacklists and reputation of all sending IP’s and domains.

Reduce bounces and increase deliverability with Clickback Lead Gen Edition that performs 15 health and risk checks on every contact’s email address.

Contact your list broker today to get a quote on an email list and see how you can take advantage of this limited time offer. 


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Guaranteed Open Rates – Now Available

We are now offering email campaigns with guaranteed open rates!

Instead of ordering a certain number of emails, now you can order by how many opens you want. We call it the Guaranteed Opens Program. It’s an Email Deployment to Consumers which is similar to pay per click where you pay for the number of clicks you want to receive. In this case, you now pay for the number of opens you want top receive. Our vendor has 100% opt-in email contacts and they are fully Can-Spam compliant.

business email listsWith the Guaranteed Opens Program, we keep deploying to the entire in-house list until the agreed upon number of opens is achieved. So instead of buying and email campaign to 10,000 consumers, you would purchase 10,000 opens. You are only paying for people that open the email with the subject line attracting the right consumers.

We have found that 10,000 usually works best because it’s a true test. You provide the subject line and content for the Guaranteed Opens so if the subject line is relevant to what you are selling, then only people interested in that subject line will be opening these emails. We really like this program because we just need to focus on click through from the ad and conversions.

The in-house email file is approximately 70% female. We guarantee 95% Deliverability to the email files. This is due to scrubbing all lists 24 hours prior to delivering for spam traps, hard bounces, complainers, etc. Please contact one of our friendly list brokers if you have any questions about this or require more information.

Of course pricing is a bit higher but with Guaranteed Opens you know what you are getting. So instead of paying for an email deployment “hoping” to get opens, click throughs and conversions, you can start with a minimum of 10,000 Guaranteed Opens.

How Much Does it Cost for Guaranteed Opens? Contact one of our list brokers to discuss your project.

Pricing includes: testing the email, deploying the email and a tracking report. You would not receive the actual email records. The deployments would be performed for you by our service bureau.

Opt-in Email Requirements

You would need to supply us with your html creative. We can help you with your Subject Line. We can usually get your test out within 48 hours after receiving your creative. If you approve it, then they can start deploying the email campaign within 48 hours. We will send you the tracking report once the agreed upon opens have been achieved. The tracking report shows the number of people who opened and clicked and which links they clicked on.

This is what we would need to move forward:

1. Your html email creative.
2. Your from line.
3. Your subject line.
4. 5 or 6 email addresses to send the test to.
5. Payment.
6. Desired Deployment Date

Contact one of our list brokers today to learn more!

There is no obligation and no cost to speak with a list broker.

Call 1-888-848-1215 and press 102 or 108 for faster service.

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How to Estimate Pricing For Your Mailing List

Estimating the Cost For Your Mailing List

Using our online system to rent a mailing, all you have to do is this: after you have finishing choosing your selects and you click on “Get Count”, you click on the button that says “View Pricing” and then the tab that says “Estimate Pricing for my Count” and it will tell you the exact cost.

Estimating your total costs to rent a mailing list is another matter.

Your list broker will be able to tell you exactly how much your mailing list will cost, but if you want to rent mailing lists with our online system by yourself, here’s how:

The first step is to calculate the base rental. It is usually expressed like this: $150/M. The “M” stands for “thousand” (as in mille, the French word for thousand). Divide the total quantity you wish to order by 1,000; then multiply the result by the dollar cost per thousand. For example, if you’re your base rental is $150/M, then 5,000 records divided by 1,000, equals 5. Multiply 5 by $150/M rental rate, and that equals $750.00 base rental.

Your Mailing List Selects’ Costs

Next, do the same calculation for each selection charge which will be used in your order. The base usually includes only the name (person’s name on a consumer mailing list or company name on a business mailing list), and the mailing address. If you want more information, you will need to pay extra for it. Lists are kind of like a la carte restaurants, you get the basics and then pay for all the extras.

If you are selecting a particular geography such as zip codes or a city, for example,and the geo selection is priced at $10/M+ ($10 per thousand additional), you will incur a $50.00 total charge for geo selection. If you also select job title or annual sales revenues or some other segment with a selection charge, calculate these amounts and add them together with the base rental, calculated above.

Next, calculate the fulfillment charge. Typically this is $50 – $75 to have the file sent to you via email.  The total of these calculations should give you a very good estimate of your total costs. When you place your order from one of our list brokers, you will have a very detailed order form which shows you the exact cost to rent a list. There are never any hidden fees or surprises with our firm.

Keep in mind that it’s equally important to calculate your printing and mailing costs. Sometimes people try to scrimp on the cost of the list when it’s actually the cheapest part of the equation and if you pay a little but more, you will get a more targeted list. It’s worth it!

Register today for our online count system.

Get started today!

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The New Direct Mail to Internet Combo

One of the biggest strides in direct mail over the last decade and a half is the advent of the “direct mail to internet” mail

In the past, marketers would use what’s called a “one two” mailer to tease interest. For example, you might offer a free guide or report to be sent to someone. You mail that offer to a large list, then cultivate a smaller list of people who responded. That second list of responders gets marketed to much more heavily.

The downside to this previous “one two” method is that it’s very costly. Not only do you have to do an expensive direct mail campaign for a free product that you’re not making a profit on, but you also have to send the free product and then more mailers until you have a sense of whether or not the campaign was a success.

The internet has changed all that. Now, you can do almost exactly the same thing, much more efficiently and for a far lower cost.

How the Direct Mail to Internet Combo Works

The direct mail to internet combo works like this. A direct mail piece is sent out as a teaser. The direct mail piece has a strong offer (with a benefit statement or promise), along with tons of proof and testimonials.

Instead of asking someone to mail back or call for a free report, they’re sent to your website instead. Each direct mail piece has a unique code, such as “8YF64TK6″ that the user needs to type in when they get to the site to get their freebie. They must also give you their email address to gain access to your free offer.

Once the code is typed in, you’ll know exactly who typed it in and what their address is, based on your mailer’s database because you will “keycode” each name with a unique code. In other words, you can look them up by their code.

You now have a “hot” lead. You have someone who’s expressed interest in what you’re offering, someone who’s much more likely to buy.

The Magic of this Direct Mail to Internet Combo

What really makes this combo tick is how much cheaper you can do it than the traditional way.

It doesn’t take that much to get someone to go to a web address. On the other hand, it takes a huge amount of effort to get someone to mail back a card. Almost everyone is on their computer at some point every day!

That means that instead of having to do a two-page or a seven-page mailer, you can often get profitable results with just a postcard. A great postcard can drive a lot of people to your website, cutting down the price per mailing dramatically.

This technique opens up a whole host of other media that you can try out. You can try half page or even quarter page ads in magazines profitably, for example.

This internet-based “one two” mailer is much more cost effective than the traditional method. It also tends to convert better, as people today often feel more comfortable entering personal information online than on a direct mail form. As you follow up by email with more and more valuable information, you will increase the likelihood of that lead becoming a customer for life.

More information on Direct Mail

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