Direct Marketing List Broker Services

As  Direct Marketing List Brokers, we will help you achieve top-notch results from your marketing efforts with the best and most targeted marketing lists available on the market today.  We represent over 80,000 direct mail, telephone, and email lists worldwide.   Helping our clients succeed! 

Targeted Direct Mail, Email, and Telemarketing Lists

Our Direct Marketing List Broker Services are FREE:

  • We do all the research for your marketing list for free.
  • Direct Mailing List Services – for businesses mailing lists and consumer mailing lists, with or without phones.
  • Telemarketing list Services with phones.
  • Email List Services – for businesses or consumers – we can give you the email addresses or send your email campaign out for you
  • Text Messaging Services – we can send out a text message campaign to your ideal target market

We offer several targeted list services in order to help you succeed!

  • Request a free consultation or quote for your next project. Click Here.
  • Run your own counts for your mailing list or telemarketing list (The USA only) using our free online database system. It’s a fast, safe and simple way to buy mailing lists online.  The accuracy is guaranteed and the minimum order is only $10!
  • Another option is to have one of our Direct Marketing List Brokers research your best and most targeted list options and present them to you in a project outline. You may be looking to buy an email list or a mailing list. Or you may be looking for a telemarketing list. Perhaps you want to reach people via text messaging. We can do that too! Our research is a free service.

Regardless of  whether you use our free online system to run the counts yourself or whether you use one of our list brokers to find your list for you, we can provide you with customized direct mail lists or telemarketing lists, opt-in email campaigns and SMS texting campaigns.

We also provide an All-In-One Postcard Mailing Service

Our All inclusive Postcard Package Include (Available in the US Only): The Mailing list, The Creative Design using your logo and offer, Post card Printing service, Addressing the postcards, First class postage.   Your customers will receive your message within a week of your approval!

Sometimes our online databases of 176 million consumers and 18 million businesses are not the right fit for your project. Say, for example, you wanted to reach consumers who subscribe to National Geographic magazine, or businesses that are “going green”, then you would need the services of one of our helpful list brokers. Again, there is no cost so feel free to request a quote.

Here’s How Our Direct Marketing List Brokers Work

Direct Marketing List BrokersOur list brokers listen to you while you discuss your project, your goals, your budget and your timeline, then they get to work researching the best lists to fit your needs. They then present you with a proposal and you can decide how and when to move forward. There’s no pressure, and our list brokers work for free (they get a commission from the list vendor if you choose to rent the list).

We also Offer Online Marketing and SEO Services

If you require website optimization services to help your website be found on the internet we are here to help!

Contact us today to discuss your next project.


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